Newsjack Series 18 Episode 2 – Analysis

Series  18 Episode 2 – Analysis

Another week, another strike out. I thought I might be in a chance with one of mine, but it wasn’t to be.

Here is my analysis for this show

Newsjack Summary

Newsjack is a weekly topical news comedy show which accepts user submissions for oneliner jokes and sketches. The BBC do pay for all broadcast user submissions.


I’ve listened to the broadcast and I have tried to categorise the jokes broadcast against their guidelines for what they want people to submission.

First of all, I do not include Angela’s monologue in the stats as this isn’t something that members of the public can submit to.

Secondly, there is no released details on who has written what, but occasionally they do tweet out who wrote what. If I had to guess, these are staff writers/invited writers who are paid to write for Newsjack rather than people who have, that week, submitted 6 one liners and 2 sketches.

Thirdly, this is my analysis. The assumptions I make are mine, as are the conclusions I come to. Newsjack have confirmed they don’t agree with all the conclusions…interesting use of ‘all’ there ;).

There were a couple of interesting tweets from the Newsjack team this week.


So 600 sketches submitted? Wow! Thats loads more than I expected. There was also 725 ‘batches’ of one-liners submissions this week. Thats 4200 possible one-liners! I’d be interested to see how long it takes to read that many sketches and one-liners.


The first thing we notice is that there were less one liners and sketches over-all.

2 Less Breaking News
2 Less Number Crunching
1 Less Sketch

The Sketches were about 1 and a half minutes shorter in total time. I did notice that Angela’s intro was longer by about that time. Maybe it all adds up. The Breaking News sections was pretty much the same time as the first episode. Number Crunching was 30 seconds shorter when they had 2 less jokes in.

Ignoring ‘Politics’ there was a roughly an even spread across the sections. Only 1 politics joke was probably  a conscious effort to not flood the series with Trump/May jokes.


You’ll see my notes are a little strange on this. A good mix of items and an Olympic sketch in there also – EGGS!

Date wise the sketches are as follows;

Brexit – Could have been anytime!
Eliminate Bullying – 8th Feb (
Lent – Well it was pancake day…the day after the submissions
Ikea Cops – 8th Feb (
White Planet – This could have been any day – I couldn’t find a news article about it.
Emotional Support Animal – 8th Feb (
Heavy Falcon X Launch – 6th Feb (
Norweigan Olympic Eggs – 8th Feb (

The Heavy Falcon X Launch was from the 6th of Feb – before even last week’s record! I know it was after their submission date for last week but it was a really old story. The rest of them are from the 8th feb – the day of broadcast of last week’s show! Really old news was the choice of the script collating team!

Breaking News

We had 15 breaking news one-liners to enjoy this week. 3 lots of 5 jokes a piece. Couple of really strange entries. How many listeners will know the band ‘Showaddywaddy’?  Its probably over 30 years since they were last ‘anything’ so it was a surprising Newsjack appearance. We also saw a one-liner about the ’24 Hour Ikea game’ which was the basis of one of the sketches earlier. Rarely do the Newsjack team allow two jokes on the same topic so it is surprising that one of the other 4200 one-liners wasn’t as good as the one they broadcast.

No ‘Politics’ related breaking news? It is like Politics and Sci/Tech swapped this week. We also saw 2 less BN this week which was pretty much missing from ‘world news’. And No Trump jokes.

Having not reviewed all the Breaking News I couldn’t tell you the age of all the jokes, but seeing as we got a breaking news about the 24 hours in Ikea story – we know that this was from the 8th of February, the transmission date of last week’s episode.

Number Crunching

5 Number crunchers this week. 2 less than last week. We also had another duplicate topic – the Olympic Eggs. Why did they do this? And so many duplicates in this episode. There was a Number Crunching about the Tesla in space/Uber but I think that something similar was doing the rounds on twitter about the situation/uber. For me, I’d not cover anything that I’d seen jokes about on Twitter.

Not a good mix of NC but with only 5, we weren’t going to see all the categories covered. Probably more to do with the edit rather than anything else, but I don’t think they have a huge number of good number crunching jokes. Its a poor format. Even Private Eye only has a couple in its whole magazine.

In Summary

Another episode documented and analysed. Fewer One-liners and fewer sketches makes me think it is fewer listener submissions. I’m amazed at the amount of sketches and one-liners submitted. It really blows my mind! I know the Newsjack team can’t do but I think it would be great to have a central store of these. I’ve put up all my jokes on this blog, not so anyone can actually read them (not including all the spammers!), but to remind me that I have done this and I’ve had jokes performed and broadcast.

I’m going to keep analysing the episodes as I think there is a lot to learn about what NewsJack Like and what they include. It is important to not that correlation does not imply causation so my over-the-top analysis should be taken with a little pinch of salt!

Submitted Jokes

In case you think it isn’t worth submitting due to the volume of jokes received, here are some confirmations that people DO get their jokes broadcast. 4200 one liners is a lot but they are broadcasting 20. It is worth submitting and putting your hat into the ring. Personally I think it is worth writing ANYTHING you think is funny, and it is worth TRYING to keep it within the last 7 days but it is not a hard and fast requirement.

I’ve found confirmation on Twitter of some of the joke writers. I’ve also asked a few people. Here they are!

Russian on powder and half pipe


Straight White Man

Amazon Jobs Losses

Army Drill Sargent/Banning Bullying

Co-Op Scratch card Joke

Russian Robot Joke Olympic Jokes

Hamster Emotional Support (like ‘totes babes’)