Newsjack – Submission 11 – Sketches

NewsJack Sketch Submission

As threatened last week, I decided to try to write some sketches for this week’s NewsJack. Its a hard one as I’ve mentioned before that to keep them topical they need to be written Monday Morning and submitted by Lunchtime. 3 hours tops and it can’t interfere with my day job.

The format of the Sketches have changed a nd there is no-longer any ‘adverts’ (although I suppose there is nothing to stop you submitting an advert as a sketch if you wanted). The curren format is that you can supply 2 sketches and so that is what I did.

Here is the link to the sketches rather than have them on here.

Donald Trump Petition

Baby FitBit

I actually wrote Baby Fitbit first. A news story on the BBC mentioned it and it really did seem a stupid thing so perfect for lampooning in a sketch. I don’t have much of an idea where sketches will go when I write them but this one seemed to flow naturally. I liked it, but am not 100% convinced with the ending. Having listened to a few sketches on NewsJack I think they don’t all have ‘good’ endings but they do all end so I’m not going to worry about it.

The Donald Trump Petition sketch was a disaster of a sketch. It came off seeing the phrase ‘Popularist Gesture’ from the Government in response to the petition which had gone over the 1 million mark. Its seemed like most of what is happening in the UK at the moment is due to a ‘Popularist Gesture’ so I wanted to write about that. I had 25 minutes before the deadline. I had no idea where the sketch was going or how it would end but I just wrote until I ended up somewhere. I didn’t include any jokes about piss. Well maybe I did, and I really liked the Nicola joke. Made it all worth-while to me!

I did think this sketch went on too long but I timed it and it was about 2 minutes. Luckily last week I did a bit of anaylsis of what was broadcast so I could see that 2 minutes wasn’t too longer for a broadcasted sketch. I’d not like to do much longer for a sketch as most were lest than 2 minutes.

I still find writing sketches hard.

Really hard.

I’m like the worst at writing sketches.

But I will keep doing it. I wonder if I should try to write more/differently. With only NewsJack to ‘quality control’ (either it is good and it is in the show or it is rubbish and it isn’t) I have no idea on how to improve. I have got 2 one-liners from the research I did this morning so it hasn’t all been a waste of time.

I hope your Newsjack writing is going well.