Baby Fitbit – Newsjack Sketch Submission


Title – BabyFitBit


Scientist #1:              So there we have it. The next big health craze.

Scientist #2:              People will be amazed!

Scientist #3:              No longer will people talk about cute babies with chubby little faces.

Scientist #2:              That’s right. They will soon learn that babies should have ripped physiques.

Scientist #3:              My life long plan is complete. It started with teaching babies how to roller-skate for that Evian advert and now this – Baby Fitbit.

Scientist #1:              How will we convince suckers, I mean ‘parents’ that a happy baby is a baby with 10000+ followers on Instagram?

Scientist #2:              Let’s ask the best subject, Tarquin, who has been trialling the Baby Fitbit out in the real world tests of nursery groups and ball pits.

FX:                              Baby ‘Gooo Gooo Gooo – Ga Ga Ga Ga’ sounds

Scientist #1:              Excellent work their Tarquin. We can certainly upload your activity stats to an Instagram page for hundreds of other babies to review and aspire to be you.

FX:                              Baby Waaaaaaah sounds

Scientist #2:              And we can also log all your nappy changes with length of wear, speediness of change but most importantly consistency of content.

Scientist #3:              We’ve even worked out how you can challenge your friends to a nappy competition to see who can fill theirs the quickest or the fullest or even speed of changing so you can prove your parents are better that theirs.

FX:                              More Baby sounds

Scientist #1:              Let’s get some videos on your Facebook page of you looking over the sea at a sunset, while at a beach. We will need to have the tracker in shot as our sponsors have asked it be tweeted about.

Scientist #2:              Quick! I’ve just been contacted by Pampers. They will pay £5000 if we can Instagram a pic of Tarquin wearing their brand.

Scientist #3:              I’ve got some stuffing to pad-out the front a bit….

FX:                              Fart sound

Scientist #1:              No need, it sounds like he has managed to do that all by himself.