The Unbelievable Truth – Recording – 23rd February, 2016

I managed to blag some tickets to this recording. One of my friends was running late but a bit of Derren Brown mind control and the lady gave us the extra sticker we needed for when they arrived. I’d not been to any recordings at Logan Hall before. Usually the ‘big name’ London Radio recordings are done at the Radio Theatre in Portland Place. This wasn’t far though and I joined the queue at around 5.45pm. The tickets just said Time 6:30, doors close 6:50pm but I knew from previous experience that the earlier you get there the better.

The queue grew longer and longer until about 6.45pm when they started to let people inside. We managed to get some great seats in the middle and waited for the show to start. The producer explained that 2 shows would be recorded and they started recording around 7.15-7.30pm. I knew this was going to be a long night. He also said that they had moved venues to allow more people to attend. There were 940 seats at Logan Hall and over 15000 people applied for tickets!

The guests were introduced and we were treated to;-

  • Jon Richardson
  • Henning Wehn
  • Susan Calman
  • Jack Dee

The format of the show is that one person speaks on a given subject and everything they say should be false except for 5 Unbelievable Truths. The remaining 3 people buzz in when they believe that the speaker has said one of the truths. A successful buzz in gives a point to the challenger however an incorrect challenge deducts a point. At the end of the talk any truths not found gain a point each for the speaker.

Each show started with Jon and there were some great challenges. There was as added complexity in that for some reason every time people pressed their buzzers, it would show Henning’s light on David’s desk. A second press would not repeat the issue so maybe Henning was pressing his buzzer first and then denying it for comedic effect?

Henning’s subjects seemed to allow him to be stereotypically German (mirroring his act) but Susan’s talks seemed to just turn into weird fantasy journeys with little in common with the original subject.

Both games finished with Susan Calman being the winner. It was a great experience to be part of but the format of the show isn’t that engaging and I think the whole audience was flagging as the end of the second show arrived,

Always good to be in a new venue and I do enjoy David Mitchell but I’m not sure I’d go for another recording of this.