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Consoling Myself – Episode 1 – The Atari 400

The first episode is now available on Apple Podcasts! Woo-hoo. You can search for it on there and subscribe, or you can listen via the link below.

In fairness to the truth, the Atari 400 was my brothers, I think. But seeing as we lived together at the time and I was allowed to play on it AND it is the earliest gaming memory I have, I’m including it.

I have gone and purchased all the consoles I’ve ever owned in my life and the Atari 400 was a hard one to find at a reasonable price. I ended up buying an Atari 400 and an Atari 800XL which were bundled together as ‘untested’. Luckily for me the Atari 400 worked. It did need a bit of a clean-up though!

A bit of elbow grease and the Atari 400 was looking loads better.

You can listen to the first episode by clicking ‘play’ below.

Consoling Myself Podcast

I’m trying to branch out a little and have decided to create a podcast. Its called ‘Consoling Myself’ and you can find it on Apple Podcasts or on Acast.

Its about all the video games consoles I had growing up.

Good podcasting ‘pod-iquette’ (is that even a thing?) suggests you should launch a trailer before you go live with your first episode so this is the trailer.