Rufus Hound on the NHS

I attended a recording of the Museum of Curiosity and one of the guests was Rufus Hound. The show was great but Rufus was amazing. He appeared a little drunk (nothing wrong with that) but at one point went on a tangent about the NHS. It was amazing and I thought it was a special moment only the lucky people in the room would get to enjoy it.

Until Now.

I have just found that a recording of it was loaded to YouTube.

If you’d like to listen to the rest of the episode then it should be broadcast in February on Radio 4. The other people are on are John Lloyd, Sarah Millican (curator), Sir Tim Smit (Eden Project), and Doris Vickers (archaeoastronomer).

I’ve been a massive fan of Rufus for years but unfortunately haven’t seen him perform live. This is something I definitely want to rectify.

If you fancy a Rufus Hound fix then you can currently get 4 DVDs he has been involved in. 1 is a stand-up show and the others are either movies he was part of or his childrens tv series, ‘Hounded’.