KickStarter Campaign to bring back ‘As It Occurs To Me’.

Richard Herring has taken to Youtube to tell people that he will be starting a Kickstarter for bringing back a video version of As It Occurs To Me.

Hello all. After the success of the RHLSTP kickstarters we’ve decided to do the same for As It Occurs To Me. We want to make at least six monthly VIDEO episodes of this stand up and sketch show and we need money to pay the actors, camera crew, editors, puppet makers and cartoonists. We want to make these to TV quality so it’s not going to be cheap. But all the episodes (as well as hopefully some extras and stand alone sketches) will appear for free online.

Help us make six VIDEO episodes of the seminal standup and sketch show.


I’m not sure I’m a fan of the lampooning of an AIOTM fan as that character could easily be me! You can watch the video here.


The video also includes the comedian Lou Sanders, comedy writer and actor Ben Moor, Chris Evans (NTO) and someone else.

Thanks to AndyMcH for help identifying the people who weren’t Lou Sanders.