NewsJack Series 24 Episode 1

Its on again. I was in twitter purgatory after replying to one of my chums who was getting the CV Jab that his 5G signal will improve.

Anyway, here are my submissions. None made it through

1. A Vicar is ‘Gaming for God’ by streaming sessions on Twitch. Viewers have been disappointed to find he was ‘Call of Deity’.
2. 17,000-year-old Kangaroo is Australia’s oldest rock art. Who knew Kangaroos even lived that long?
3. Facebook has reversed its ban on news in Australia. There were 5 key reasons for the change – number 4 will SHOCK you!

Quick analysis of these. Joke 1 I didn’t even get the punchline written correctly. What a THAT!!! I really struggled with finding a punchline for this. I didn’t think it would be for the Radio 4 extra audience but I submitted it anyway. Joke 2 was ace and I thought it was silly enough to make it through, but they disagreed. Joke 3 is a lazy lazy joke but they often do make it into a broadcast so I through my hat into the ring with it.

Its been a good week for voice over artists as The Simpsons agree to stop using white actors to voice non-white character. Its been a bad week for …. lets ask ‘Nelson Mandela’ why its been a bad week. (white cast member says ‘errrrrrr.’)
Its been a good week for NASA who streamed the Mars entry to millions of people. Its been a bad week for Marianne Faithful who regrettably pops up in google searches again.
Its been a bad week for Businesses who have been throwing in the towel over Covid. Its been a good week for my sun-lounger-reserving business which remains unaffected.

GWBW 1 was touch and go whether it would be an instant reject or not. I felt that it might get through as it isn’t racists, but relates the issue of racism that The Simpsons now recognise. I do like to challenge them sometimes on what they might or might not include. GWBW2 was never going in. Does anyone who listens to Newsjack even get the Marianne Faithful reference? I doubt it but it made me chuckle so I went for it. GWBW3 definately had a good joke in there, but that wasn’t it.

As usual, I tend to start writing about an hour before the deadline and I also have a full time job so occasionally I only get minutes but I do try to submit something.

I also shared this with my chums that I saw after the deadline.

Its a good week for Japan as they appoint a ‘Minister of Loneliness’ to fight the issue of isolation.
Its a bad week for the UK as Government Ministers doesn’t believe Loneliness or Isolation are a bad thing.

If my twitter account wasn’t shut, I’d have tweeted it out.